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5 Tips for Talking to Your Family About Assisted Living

In 2015, nearly 15% of the American population was over 65 years old. Common conditions like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, heart or respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes makes it difficult for aging people to live independently. Assisted living facilities can help seniors with chronic medical conditions live out their golden years in safety and comfort.

Use these 5 tips to talk to your family about moving your loved one to an assisted living facility.

Prior Preparation

Do your research. Educate yourself on the benefits and drawbacks of assisted living. Make a list of several different homes. Have pictures, brochures, and other information ready. Get answers to questions you know your senior will ask.

The responsibility of caring for seniors is often shared by many family members. Talk to other family members before bringing up the subject with your senior. Discuss financial issues, storage of personal property, and visitations. Having all the big questions answered will ease the conversation with your older loved one.

Starting the Conversation

Moving your loved one to a long-term care facility is a sensitive subject. Your senior may not think they need to move, or may simply not want to give up their autonomy. Be prepared for your senior to resist the idea. Before the meeting, make a list of reasons why assisted living is right for them. Try to anticipate any concerns they may have.

If emotions start to run high during the conversation, don’t be afraid to drop it and pick it up another time. Give your senior, and other family members, time to process information. You may have to talk about it several times before your senior finally agrees.

Managing Expectations

If your senior is not found mentally incapable of caring for themselves, the final choice is not yours. While you might think moving is best for your family member, they may not. If you are truly concerned, you may need to take legal actions to acquire guardianship status.

Stay calm, be patient, and follow these tips to help your senior see the benefits of assisted living. If you are looking for an assisted living facility in the Hudson, WI area, contact Red Cedar Canyon today for more information.

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