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Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care: Which Is Right for You?

In years past, seniors primarily had two options: Move to a nursing home or hope that a family member could provide care. Times have changed, and there are now several different programs and levels of care that can be customized to meet the unique needs of every senior. But all of these new choices can be a bit confusing at times. When it’s time for you to choose between assisted living and in-home care , you should rely on the information available from the care provider, since each company is a little different.

Activities of Daily Living

There are differences between care providers, but in general, assisted living programs are more hands-on than in-home care providers regarding the activities of daily living. If you choose an in-home care or independent living program, then you should be able to handle your own self-care needs. People in assisted living programs generally need more help with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and transferring.

Management of Medical Issues

Assisted living programs tend to provide more comprehensive healthcare-related services than in-home or independent living options. Talk to your doctor about whether you could benefit from one-on-one help from a registered nurse (RN). You might need assistance with medication management, for instance. People with chronic health conditions are more likely to take more than one medication, which can lead to concerns about interactions, missed dosages, and overdoses.

Assisted living can also include chronic disease services, such as a diabetes management program. If you’re currently able to control your health conditions, then you might do well in an in-home care program for now. Know that you’ll always have the option to transition to a higher level of care if you need to.

You’ll find both assisted living and independent living options at Red Cedar Canyon Assisted Living . Their monthly apartment fee includes numerous care services, including light housekeeping and meal prep., Give them a call at (715) 381-7333 for help choosing between assisted living and an independent, private apartment.

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